6 Points To Note Before Starting Any Prep For Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam

Recently my company asked me to get Tableau certified. I chose the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification but I had a few questions. Given below are 6 points to note before starting any prep for Tableau Desktop Certification Exam:

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

What is the validity for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam?

There is no expiry for the Tableau Desktop Specialist title if you clear the certification exam.

What is the cost of Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam?

There are 2 ways to look into the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification cost:

  1. Cost of training
  2. Cost of taking the exam

The cost of training from Tableau’s official course is 2400 USD whereas the cost of taking the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam is 100 USD.


Tableau Desktop not showing measures and dimensions - What to do in Tableau version 2021.1?​

The feature of Tableau automatically segregating Dimensions and Measures is available only till version 2020.1. From Tableau version 2020.2 and onward, this feature is not available. Thus, this feature is also not available in Tableau version 2021.1. The certification, however, is tested on older version as of now i.e. Tableau Desktop 2020.1. When you pull the table columns or data names from the data pane to the view pane, in Tableau version 2021.1, you’ll have to manually identify Measures (from the green color) and Dimensions (from blue color) after placing them on the view pane.

I am not able to see Discover section in Tableau Desktop - What should I do?

Connect to internet and try again. This issue is seen when the internet is not connected.

Should I pay $2400 for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Training?

If you’d like to have the official training from Tableau, then maybe you can think about it. More generally, if you combine a good Udemy Certification training course (available on discount) and Tableau’s official online free training material and videos, you can save 2400 USD of training fee.

Should I learn the no. of Dimensions and Measures required for each Chart type?

Yes, definitely. Probability of such chart based questions are high on the exam.

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